Heat and sound-insulating wood fibre insulation boards made of softwood fibre, natural colour, 8 mm to 19 mm.


  • Pressure-distributing covering of MEHA fills for fill heights of more than 80 mm or on wooden beam floor without floor boards
  • As a substructure under self-supporting finished parquet


0.5 mm-thick, stable, cost-effective felt board.


  • As trickle protection for cracked subgrades
  • As a vapour-permeable separation layer, e.g. between polystyrene and flooring panel


2.5 mm-thick, stable ribbed board with moisture-regulating impregnation. Because the ribs are filled, they keep their form even when under pressure and maintain their function even when the floor is subjected to high weight loads. Made of 100% used paper.


  • For covering MEHA fills: the ribs on the fill stabilise the granulate so that it can be walked on without any difficulties, e.g. when laying the insulating layer
  • As a parquet underlay: thanks to the pinpointed position of the full ribs, which are elastic under pressure, optimal sound insulation values can be achieved