MEHABIT – the standard type

1. Flooring, e.g. finished parquet

2. Parquet underlay, e.g. MEHARIPP

3. 22/25 mm flooring panels or cement fibreboards

4. 8/10 mm wood fibre insulation boards, e.g. MEHASOL


6. Wooden beam floor with heavy filling (loam, cinder, etc.)

7. Subfloor

MEHABIT is a highly resilient, dust-free insulating and levelling fill as standard.

It primarily consists of the ligneous stalk of the hemp plant, the so-called hemp hurd, which is impregnated using a solvent-free bitumen film that is also used for drinking water.

This bitumen impregnation fulfils two functions: it provides the hemp with natural protection in line with construction- specific requirements, while also creating an adhesive effect that enables the material to set easily following installation (it can be walked on with caution).

Due to the increased pressure load of the complete floor construction, the fill compacts on its own to form a pressure- resistant insulating board and thereby easily complies with the „bound form“ requirement of 18560-2. MEHABIT is therefore ideally suited to floors subjected to heavy strain (children‘s rooms, corridors).

Field of application

  • Height compensation in concrete or wooden beam floors, as a substructure under dry, wet and mastic asphalt floor screeds.

  • Stable filling and covering of gaps and pipeline bundles.

Protection from moisture

  • MEHABIT should only be installed on a dry subgrade; all concrete layers in direct contact with the ground must be insulated against rising damp.

Technical details of MEHABIT

Processing benefits

  • Dust-free

  • Packaging unit: 100 l per bag

  • From 10 to 200 mm (recommended installation thickness)

  • Natural building material – tried and tested for more than 60 years

Structural-physical properties

  • Heat and sound-insulating properties (heat conductivity as per DIN: 0.060 W/(m*k), impact sound reduction (concrete floor) 19-26 dB)

  • Fire behaviour in line with DIN (B2). Exemplary ecological properties

  • Building approval by DIBt [Z-23.11-1185]

High stability through bound form

  • Elongated granulate form (does not roll away)

  • Hemp = solid material that is not artifi cially expanded.
    Because there is no trituration, stability is guaranteed

  • Impregnation has an adhesive effect.
    Bonding to form an insulating panel

Technical details

heat conductivity as per DIN EN 12667

0,060 W/(m*k)

impact sound reduction

19-26 dB (concrete floor)

Fire behaviour in line with DIN 4102-1

B 2

Packaging unit

100 l per bag

Volumetric weight (compressed)

140 kg / cbm

Recommended installation thickness

10 mm – 200 mm

Building approval

DIBt [Z23.11-1185]

* Measured and certified by include testing institutes. Depending on the parameter, the German requirements or already European classifications still apply.